Aiming to become the new, better Bank we dream of, we started the new year supporting “Together for Children” Association.

Acknowledging the important social work of the Association since 1996, we are honored to be a major sponsor at the Exclusive Fundraising Dinner organized in Hilton Hotel on 11/1/2019, presenting as key speaker the prominent Greek scientist Mr. Konstantinos Daskalakis, Professor at MIT and graduate of the NTUA.

Mr. Daskalakis gave a speech about "How information technologies change the world" by explaining the ways that new technologies have made global markets more accessible and more functional by bringing information literally into our hands through mobile devices. He also talked about the rapid development of information technology and artificial intelligence, as well as of the opportunities, risks and concerns arising from these developments.

A large number of guests attended the event from business, science, shipping, culture, politics and journalism.

The Association of Non-Profit NGO’s "Together for Children" works for the welfare of more than 30,000 children each year of which 10,000 on a regular basis. The main objective of the Union is to provide assistance to children and young people experiencing poverty, disability, abuse and illness. In 2016 the Association was awarded the Silver Medal of the Academy of Athens for its social contribution. More information on the social work of "Together for Children":