A new deposit acquisition strategy capitalizing on cutting-edge technology and globalized market opportunities.

Praxia bank, the new Greek digital bank, announces the kickoff of its partnership with Raisin, Europe’s leading deposits marketplace, by capitalizing on technological innovation and globalized market opportunities. Praxia bank is committed to attracting deposits from Europe’s leading marketplaces. In this context, Praxia bank will be offering deposit products in Germany through WeltSparen, Raisin’s German deposits platform. Praxia bank’s product offering, to be fully launched in the fall of 2019, comprises products and services addressing current digital trends seeking to offer an advanced banking experience.

Praxia bank’s objective to be part of an international online deposit market place constitutes a core component of its business plan. Thus, Praxia bank will take advantage of the operational flexibility offered by its cross-border digital model.  A pioneer in the Greek market, Praxia bank is launching a ground-breaking deposit acquisition strategy based on innovation.

Anastasia Sakellariou, Praxia bank CEO said: “We are a new digital bank seeking to do things differently, to offer a seamless and easy-to-access banking experience with technology on our side. As we approach the launch date of a range of products and services for our corporate and retail clients in the fall of 2019, we have opted to reinforce our deposit base through Raisin’s platform. This enables Praxia bank to become a key player in the global financial market offering our products beyond the Greek borders in line with the current trends set by pioneering banks in Europe.”

About Praxia

Praxia bank was founded in 2018 and is expected to fully launch in the fall of of 2019. Praxia bank is a privately-owned bank with a solid international shareholder structure operating under the protection of the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund and the supervision of the Bank of Greece. Praxia bank’s executive team includes resourceful and talented professionals who bring a wealth of local and international banking experience and share a common vision: to deliver an unprecedented digital and yet human banking experience to meet the needs of SMEs and retail customers.

About Raisin

First launched in Germany with WeltSparen.de at the end of 2013, Raisin is now the leading pan-European one-stop-shop for savings and investments. Raisin’s seven platforms offer customers in 31 countries competitive interest rates from more than 70 banks across Europe as well as a range of attractive investment portfolios now available to German customers via one single registration and identification. For partner banks, Raisin provides easy and highly flexible access to wider European deposit markets. Additionally, Raisin helps distribution partners (banks, brokers, financial advisors) to broaden their product portfolio, reach new markets and reduce potential excess liquidity by providing white label services through our state-of-the-art, proprietary API.