Praxia bank, the first Greek digital bank has selected the internationally renowned Moody’s Analytics’ suite of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions trusted by established banking institutions worldwide.

Praxia bank, the new Greek bank that will fully launch its operations in the fall of 2019, sets the stage for the timely and efficient discharge of its regulatory reporting requirements and risk management objectives by adopting renowned technological solutions in line with international best practices. In that context, Praxia bank has opted for the regulatory solutions suite offered by Moody’s Analytics for asset liability management purposes (ALM), for the calculation of regulatory capital provisions in line with IFRS 9 and the calculation of regulatory capital requirements for credit and liquidity risk management to comply with EU regulation (CRR, CRD IV- Basel III). 

Praxia bank has selected Moody’s Analytics  RiskFoundation™ platform to consolidate and centralize risk management data across its organization. The award-winning platform delivers a standardized single point of control for performing risk analysis and undertaking regulatory reporting tasks, while enabling the bank to maximize its  investment in IT systems, bolstering the execution of a consistent enterprise-wide risk management strategy.

Praxia bank has also selected the award-winning Moody’s Analytics RiskConfidence™ platform for the integrated application of IFRS 9, ALM and liquidity management. 

For Basel III compliance purposes, Praxia bank has selected the RiskAuthority™ software, a comprehensive solution covering data management, regulatory capital calculation and submission of supervisory reporting requirements. The software’s embedded Basel III calculation ratios and automated workflow processes will enable the bank to deliver timely and efficient and streamlined Basel III compliance while leveraging the automation the solution affords.

Thanos Papanikolaou, Praxia bank Chief Risk Officer commented: “Praxia bank is a fully privately-owned bank with a high capital adequacy ratio and the advent of a healthy, NPL-free balance sheet. At Praxia bank, we place great emphasis on efficient monitoring and management of risks. Therefore, we, constantly, seek to operate in line with best international practices. The deployment of Moody’s Analytics’ comprehensive regulatory solutions enables us to meet successfully our risk management objectives and regulatory capital analysis to meet regulatory requirements in an optimal manner. This constitutes a core component of Praxia bank’s philosophy; with the advent of technology, we set the stage for up-to-date standards and practices allowing us to implement an advanced banking experience, seamless, fast, simple and efficient’.   

“As banks globally look for ways to extract value from their regulatory technology investment, there is increasing demand for solutions that enable financial institutions to create synergies between compliance and business optimization,” said Andy Frepp, General Manager at Moody’s Analytics. “We look forward to working with Praxia bank to provide regulatory technology that supports their vision while offering a leaner, more agile approach to risk management.”

Moody’s Analytics partners with several of the most renowned financial institutions worldwide providing them with customized regulatory tools and solutions for the monitoring and management of risks. Moody’s Analytics has been globally awarded for its deep risk expertise in credit analysis, financial forecasting, risk management and regulatory compliance.  

About Praxia bank

Praxia bank was created in 2018 and is expected to fully launch in the fall of 2019. Praxia bank is a privately-owned bank with a solid international shareholder structure operating under the protection of the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund and the supervision of the Bank of Greece. The design and launch of Praxia bank’s product offering is implemented by its executive team including resourceful professionals who bring a wealth of local and international banking experience and share a common vision; to deliver a game-changing bank to meet the needs of SMEs and retail customers through an unprecedented banking experience that is human and, yet, digital.  

About Moody’s Analytics

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